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1. Betting

We totally provide you 10 spots, for each spot, you can choose one number from 1-10, one bet is complete only when all 10 spots are filled out.

2. Cost

The price for each ticket is 1 Euro.

3. When to play

We open one prize in every five minutes, totally 180 times in one day. Please notice: our opening time is The last Sunday in March - The last Sunday in September 06:04AM to 09:09PM, another time is 07:04AM to 10:09PM; we are closed between in The last Sunday in March - The last Sunday in September 09:09PM to 06:04AM, another time is 10:09PM to 07:04AM.

4. How to play

You can purchase your ticket in any of our betting center; we will give you a paper betting slip, the betting slip has the issuing number, betting contents and time. Our betting slip has an exclusive security code, please keep your slip in a save place (please keep the issuing number, contents and time readable, otherwise your ticket will become invalided), your ticket is the only evidence of your purchase.

Drawing result

The Lucky Airship uses a special computer system to draw the winning number; numbers will be drawn from 1 to 10 randomly. Totally 10 numbers will be drawn. The order of numbers goes from left to right, spot 1 to spot 10, the first appeared number goes to spot 1 and the second appeared number goes to spot 2, and so on. The drawing stops when the tenth number spears, these ten spots and their matching numbers become the winning number.

We will release the result of each drawing every 5 minutes. The winning number will appear on our official website.


We have betting centers in every major city, you can identify the authenticity of the betting center through their business license.

50% of our money will use in awarding, 10% will use in lottery issuing and maintenance, 40% will donate to the UNICEF.

Prize Settings

The Lucky Airship has a prize pool; the prize pool is composed by excess money and abandoned prize money. The prize pool is use for supplement to the winning prize and repay for the Commission. When no one wins the prize, the money goes into the prize pool, when the winning prize excesses the setting prize, the prize pool will fill the difference. If the prize pool is insufficient, the Commission will pay for the difference.

Winning the prize

Total matching numbers Amount of prize
1 5
2 25
3 125
4 625
5 3125
6 15625
7 78125
8 390625
9 1953125
10 10,000,000

Getting your prize

If the amount of your prize is less than 125 euro, you can go in any of our betting center to get your prize with your ticket. If the amount of your prize is greater than 125 euro, please contact us with the phone number on the ticket, or directly go to Valletta Welfare United Commission to get your prize.Attention: if your total prize is above 625 euro, according to the law of Malta, we have the right to levy 10% of your winning prize for tax purpose.

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All winning tickets must be redeemed in the state/jurisdiction in which they are sold.
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