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About luckyairship

The Lucky Airship is issued exclusively by the Valletta Welfare United Commission.

The way to play is very simple, we made the complicated rules become understandable, everyone can feel the joy and pleasure of victory from the Lucky Airship.

The Lucky Airship uses a special computer system to draw the winning number; numbers will be drawn from 1 to 10 randomly. Totally 10 numbers will be drawn. The order of numbers goes from left to right, spot 1 to spot 10, the first appeared number goes to spot 1 and the second appeared number goes to spot 2, and so on. The drawing stops when the tenth number spears, these ten spots and their matching numbers become the winning number.

We open one prize in every five minutes, totally 180 times in one day.  The start time is 06:04AM to 09:09PM daily。

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All winning tickets must be redeemed in the state/jurisdiction in which they are sold.
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